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For more details call 01252 717710


Tickets are priced at £20 per person and can be purchased from Farnham ASSIST offices or:
Please note that Eventbrite does add an admin fee to the ticket cost.

This event will be a lovely finish to the Farnham Music Festival and the town's carnival.


Join Farnham ASSIST at Chawton House to have a tour of the beautiful gardens, explore the house and enjoy a cream tea with classical music.

Tickets are priced at £16 pp and can be bought from our offices, ring 01252 717710 or visit:

Please note that Eventbrite do add an admin fee to the ticket price.

Join us on the John Pinkerton Canal boat taking a leisurely trip down the Basingstoke Canal with cream tea.

We will be running a trip on the 13th August 2018. The cost is £12.

Do let us know if you need transport. Call 01252 717710.

Contact us on 01252 717710 for tickets, alternative vegetarian options are available.